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Lisa has fond memories of her time dancing as a child and the photographs that were taken during that time. Along with Newspaper cuttings these keepsakes are a wonderful reminder of childhood friends and fun.


Some pictures will appear in the local press, but most will be for parents to put in frames or scrapbooks.

Lisa’s own children like to see their mum dancing when she was a child!  

At the dance school we will periodically take pictures to record the special moments of the children’s dance education.  

Parents who bring their children to the school are familiar with Lisa’s husband, Joe Mason, taking pictures e.g. at presentations and events. Pictures taken at events are available for purchase only by parents of children who attend the dance school.

We also hire a Video company to record the stage shows. These are recorded onto DVD and made available for parents for purchase.

We take the issue of protecting children very seriously and are committed to the responsible and appropriate use of photography and

video photography at the school.

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