Dance classes for all ages

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Dance & Disabilty

“Everyone can move with intention, purpose and creativity.

We like to work with what people can do rather than what they can't.”

LMSD offers opportunities for people with disabilities, special needs or life changing injuries to ‘get into’ dance, finding a medium for both personal and collective expression.

We are an inclusive dance school and all LMSD dancers  with disabilities get to participate fully and  perform in LMSD Shows.

“Move It!”

Dance Classes Adults or Children

Lisa has constructed classes which cater for children and adults with special educational needs, specific requirements or physical disabilities.

Lisa  has created ‘Move It!’ dance classes for children or adults with special educational needs in the Haverhill, Cambridge, Saffron Waldon, Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury areas.

People with disablities or special needs are welcome to try any of the classes we currently hold, however…

Lisa can also offer specific ‘One Off’ taster classes, Six Week Courses

Or regular dance classes for Disabled Children or Adults

All activities conclude with a celebration and an LMSD certificate of Dance Participation.

Contact Lisa to discuss your requirements.



Young Dancers in these classes experience fun routines which use imagination and props such as scarves, hats, ribbons and percussion instruments. The classes enable members to socially interact as a group in creative activities and move with imagination to a music stimulus.

The classes work to progress movement-memory,

increase mobility and create smiles!

Happy Feet

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